The wife of a much older couple I used to know had a sister named Barb. When Margie would talk about Barb, her husband Cooper would become confused over which Barb she meant. He told her they needed to come up with a nickname for me to end his confusion. Flossie was the first name that popped into Margie's head. She didn't know why.

I didn't even know about this for a long time. Then one day I was visiting with Margie when Cooper called. She told him she was visiting with Flossie--then slapped her hand over her mouth when she realized what she'd said. After she hung up, she told me the above story, a little afraid I might be offended for some reason.

I loved the nickname--certainly better than a lot of things I've been called!

When I had to come up with a screen name for AOL way back when, I knew I wanted Flossie, but it was already taken. So was Flosssie.

Since people often tell me I must be a saint to be/stay married to John, smart mouth that he is, I tacked St onto Flossie. Thus was StFlossie born.

Not only is Flossie my rubberstampers list nickname (along with Floss, Flossker, and Floozie), but I wanted it for my pen name and the name of my "business," which I established to get a sales tax permit.  For all the books I expected to sell. One of these days. Eventually. When I become famous. Hopefully not infamous.