Out of My Mind

Flights of Truth & Fiction

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August, 2020
Linda B, Mesquite says:

I have been reading from "Out of My Mind," a little every day, and I am convinced you could be the next Erma Bombeck. You relate everything with such a keen sense of humor and relativity, that I continue to be impressed, page by page. Last night I read the stories about your mom and your sister. Your mom was an amazing woman, with a very interesting life. I envy her spunk.

The story about your sister was so breathtakingly painful. My heart broke time and again while reading about Lynn. But, there again, you provided a smile even in sorrow. I guess it's what gets us through.

July, 2020

Ann Marie Newman says: I ordered your book after reading the sample on Amazon. I’m enjoying it thoroughly! I’ve laughed out loud several times charmed by your humor and stories. // Your book is excellent!  I love the personality of your writer’s voice - so very self aware, insightful and humorous! The mix of personal stories and poetry is delightful!
From Ann Marie's Amazon review: I went "out of my mind" in pure delight reading every flight of truth and fiction in Barbara Blanks humorous, clever, smart, deeply human short stories and poems. Why Random House hasn't snapped up this prolific, authentically gifted writer is a mystery to me. Not one single word falls flat, or untrue to human nature while capturing the marvelous quirkiness of life. I loved this book so much, I promptly bought four more of her books in one happy swoop. Currently, I'm reading my second one joyfully on cloud nine in reader heaven. What makes the discovery of this writer all the more "heaven sent"? I've been waiting rather impatiently, hoping to find something good to read that would make me feel better, happier and more embracing of the world has we struggle through a pandemic and political unrest. Her words make me smile, make me think, make me go "ah-ha!", say "amen!" That, that fellow readers is my Cloud #9 in Reader Heaven. It's a great place to visit. Oh joy!

From the back cover of Out of My Mind:

That about says it all when referring to Barbara Blanks.
She takes entirely too many liberties with her own reality,
but sometimes there is no escaping the actualities of life.

From getting Death’s door slammed in her face,
to finding doors into other dimensions, Barb touches
on the lives that have touched hers.
“Social distancing” does not apply here.

These stories are mostly true. Some are based on truth,
but take a lot of detours and get lost along the way.
Kind of like Barb's perpetual search for a sense of direction.

“I laughed so hard in places I had tears in my eyes.
And in other places, I just got teary-eyed.
~~John B, Stephen Leader/Minister and hospice volunteer

Out of My Mind allows us a glimpse into the complex life
of a truly delightful adventurer. In short stories, essays
and poems, Barbara Blanks writes of addressing
fears and dealing with feelings and failings, always
with a dash of humor. “My brain thinks any direction
I’m facing is North.” Tales of her family, as well as
her creative obsessions—rubberstamping, writing, poetry—
are rife with joy. “I cling to what is good, appreciate
what is beautiful—and then, like the creek, I move on.”
~~Marilyn Stacy, writer, poet, psychotherapist