I've Heard Verse

by Barbara Blanks

aka StFlossie


Poetry is not a curse word.

Poems can be full of pun and nonsense--and I’VE HEARD VERSE is certainly full of something.  Barb’s word play is strangely amusing, slightly twisted, and simply fun. Suitable for young and old adults alike, these light-hearted and light-weight poems may make you see the light--that is, if you think you don’t like or understand poetry, this book will either change your attitude or … Poof! I’ll change you to a pigeon. (see below.)


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Writer's Digest Judge says: "This is certainly funny and charming--starting with the cover! The book's focus is on a light-hearted approach to life's trials and tribulations. The little drawings are also lively."

I read her books and giggle at her take on some of life's disturbing issues. She cheers me up!
You may quote me on your website, on your cocktail napkin, or with chalk on the sidewalk. Anywhere you wish.
~~ Ann Howells, Dallas—poet, editor of Illya’s Honey, author

LaVern Spencer McCarthy says: The poems make me think of how Ogden Nash wrote. A very well done poetry book and very upbeat. I enjoyed reading all three books immensely. Thank you for writing them so that I could read them.

I LOVE your I've Heard Verse: awfully good poetry!! I have had so much fun reading it.
What a talent you have!! With words, with rhyming and, yes, writing poems we can
understand!! I loved it!

Peggy Snow



The Prince flashed a smile so disarming--
She chased him--he found it alarming!
She grabbed for his bottom,
And yelled out, “I got ‘im!”
But he cried, "Please, don’t squeeze the Charming!”

In My Room at Night

IF-- in the deepest dark I see
a ghost and it moans “Boo-o-o” at me--
I won’t be scared--No, not a smidgen.
Poof!  I’ll change it to a pigeon.

IF-- a monster thinks to frighten,
grabs my toes and tries to bite ‘em--
I won’t be scared--No, not a smidgeon.
Poof !  I’ll change it to a pigeon.

IF-- in my closet I hear crying,
perhaps the boogeyman is hiding--
because he’s scared--more than a smidgeon.
Poof!  I’ll change him to a pigeon.
What’s a Nice Tadpole Like You Doing in a Pond Like This?

A dragonfly is nature’s wand
of magic that bejewels a pond.
It flits about, it flirts and hovers--
pond and dragonfly are lovers.

In the pond, from bottom scum,
growing, reaching, one by one,
sun blossoms rise, then each disperses--
lily pads array the surface.

Below the pads the tadpoles hide
from dragonfly mouths opened wide--
they eat the baby frogs (it’s sad)--
those polliwog’ll doodle cads.