Contests are now closed.

Spring/Summer Entry Deadline: April 18, 2018.

Published money winners in the last contests may NOT enter the same contests this time. "Same contest" means one sponsored by the same person, even if the subject, title or prize amounts are different. Watch for the *asterisks*--that means same sponsor, different title.

Only one entry per contest/category. No previously published poems or poems entered in other contests or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Title and line breaks do Not figure into line counts--unless otherwise specified by the contest sponsor. Epigrams and other additions (like poetry form identification--unless required by the contest) are included in the line count. Single space.

Read and follow the guidelines for each contest! Poems have been disqualified by the judges for failure to do so. Please see complete rules at end of contest listings.

PLEASE Put your name On/With your poems.
You don't need to include address or other info since I already have that.

NOTE: NEW RULE effective with ALL  Contests: Poems must contain no more than 63 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation. (Lines with more than 60 characters on a 6x9 page may push a poem past category line limits and will result in disqualification.)