Spring/Summer Entry Deadline: April 18, 2018.

Published money winners in the last contests may NOT enter the same contests this time. "Same contest" means one sponsored by the same person, even if the subject, title or prize amounts are different. Watch for the *asterisks*--that means same sponsor, different title.

Only one entry per contest/category. No previously published poems or poems entered in other contests or accepted for publication elsewhere.

Title and line breaks do Not figure into line counts--unless otherwise specified by the contest sponsor. Epigrams and other additions (like poetry form identification--unless required by the contest) are included in the line count. Single space.

Read and follow the guidelines for each contest! Poems have been disqualified by the judges for failure to do so. Please see complete rules at end of contest listings.

PLEASE Put your name On/With your poems.
You don't need to include address or other info since I already have that.

NOTE: NEW RULE effective with ALL  Contests: Poems must contain no more than 63 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation. (Lines with more than 60 characters on a 6x9 page may push a poem past category line limits and will result in disqualification.)

1. The Marcella Siegel Memorial Contest ($25)
Offered by Suzie Siegel in remembrance of her mother
for the best poem on women or a woman, no more than one page.
NOTE: Any form EXCEPT Prose. Also, avoid religious and "she sacrificed"-type themes.
(**Editor's note: One page is 6" x 9". Maximum 36 lines including title, author's name, and line breaks.)

2. Cona You Write a Cento Poem? Contest ($25, $15, $10)
Offered by Cona Faye Adams
for a Cento Poem on any subject, any meter, rhymed or unrhymed. Line Limit: 20.
"Cento" means "Patchwork," and refers to a poem pieced together from lines taken
from other poems; i.e. a collage poem. Poets have always "quoted other poets, stolen phrases and lines and reworked them into their own poems. A cento makes this process formally explicit, line by line."
From Faye: NOTE: For this contest, Only One (1) line from each poet.That’s the way the form was initially invented to be written.It is customary to name the original author to the right of each line, if space permits. If not, please list the author for each line at the bottom of the page.
EDITOR'S NOTE: To make it easier on me later, Please list the authors below the poem.

3. LITTLE THINGS ($20, $15, $10)
Sponsored by Lois Pecce
Little things often make large differences in outcomes or outlooks,
whether personal or witnessed.
Write a poem, in any form, of no more than 26 lines,
observing the line limits of 60 characters.

4. The Zephyrus Prize ($25)
Offered by Budd Powell Mahan
for a poem in any form, no more than 20 lines, on any subject.

5. The L’Herisson Award ($20)
Sponsored by Catherine L’Herisson
in honor of Linda Banks
for a poem about a spring wildflower.
Any Form, with a line limit of 20 lines.

*6. A Galaxy of Glass ($20)*
Offered by your Editor, Barbara Blanks
for a poem, 20 lines or fewer, in Any Form.
about any interpretation of glass or glasses. Use your imagination, be clever,
avoid cliches and religious themes.

7. "My Baby Cakes" Award ($25)
Offered by Barbara Terrell Goerdel
in memory of Ernie.
For a poem on any subject, any form, maximum 28 lines.
"Poem must have emotion, simplicity, and clarity."

8. "Da Iceman" Contest ($25, $20, $15)
Offered by Patrick Lee Marshall
for a poem about Naomi Stroud Simmons.
Any form that does not exceed 24 lines.

*9. The Davies Award ($20)*
Offered by Judy Davies
in remembrance of her daughter, Patti Wilshusen
for a poem of no more than 24 lines,
in rhymed verse with the subject being Winter.

10. The Latimer Prize ($25)
Offered by Linda Banks
in memory of her parents, Cecil and Lucille Latimer,
and her sister, Peggy Latimer Lee.
Subject: Nature's Gifts. Any form. 28 line limit.

11. Poets Be Cool ($20, $10)
Offered by Barbara Luke
for a poem about Finding something positive in something negative.
Any Form, 28 line limit.

12.  "Spare Ribs" Contest ($20, $15)
Offered by Barbara Green Powell
for a poem of no more than 20 lines, in Free Verse.

13. Zoo Animal Humor ($15)
Offered by Nancy LaChance
For a Humorous poem about a zoo animal,
in Any form. Line limit: 24

*14. THE "PRECIOUS" AWARD ($20, $15)*
Offered by Von S. Bourland
for a poem in any rhyming form. Subject: "Something Precious"
based on anyone/anything precious to you.
Line Limit: 25, including epigraph(s)

15. The Birma Castle Award ($25)
Offered by Birma Castle
for a poem on: "If I were you, I'd..."
Use your imagination to your advantage.
Any form, 28 Line Limit.
Do not use the subject as title of your poem or as a line in the poem.

16. The McCarthy Award ($20, $10)
Offered by LaVern Spencer McCarthy
for a Humorous poem, in Any Form,
32 line limit.

*17. Birdie Etchison Award ($20, $10, $5)*
Offered by Gail Denham
Subject: Any
Form: Fibonacci
Fibonacci is a Six Line poem.
...One syllable first line; one syllable second line; 2 syllables third line; 3 syllables fourth; 5 syllables for fifth line; 8 syllables sixth line. (1-1-2-3-5-8 syllables)
A fun form. Does not have to rhyme. Let’s make it more fun by being silly with your subject, telling an absurd tale, relating a humorous episode you’ve seen. Or, of course, any other subject you choose, according to Galaxy of Verse standards.

18. The On the Edge Poetry Contest ($25, $15, $10)
Sponsored by On the Edge Chapter, Missouri State Poetry Society,
for a poem of no more than 14 Lines on
Any subject and in Any Form.
Imagination go wild. Have fun with it.
Avoid religious, political verses, and no curses.

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Please use the Pay Family/Friends option--Not the Pay for Goods option.

Please title all poems except haiku, tanka--ones traditionally not titled. And Please be sure to put Your name and category name & number on your entry! (not just in the subject line.)

$5 award poems will NOT be published without the poet's consent.

Current entry deadline UNDETERMINED--in my hands by that date.

E-mail submissions preferred! Only one entry per contest/category. Members may enter without cost. Non-members must pay $5 per contest/category--and still only one entry per contest/category.

Poems must be your own work and may NOT have been published anywhere else including on-line, may not be under consideration by any other contest or media.

Only one copy with your name and contest # and title included is necessary--it will still be sent to the judge without I.D.

IF sending by US mail, one copy of each poem with your contact info is sufficient since I'll have to type it into the computer anyway. No fancy fonts, please. Please be sure to note the name and number of the contest you are entering!

If non-member, send entries (and check or money order) to:

A Galaxy of Verse Contests
Barbara Blanks, Editor
1518 Running River Rd
Garland, TX 75044

You may also pay via Paypal, payable to:    galaxyofverse@gmail.com
Sorry, no refunds.
Note:  No, you may not enter the contest you're sponsoring even if it's being judged by someone else. Yes, I've been asked that a couple of times.

Also note: GOV is published as a 6"x 9" book. Please keep that in mind as your line breaks and typeset may have  to change to accommodate that size.

Third note:  If there are five or fewer entries in any contest with a $25/up first place award, the sponsor has the option to not award the prize this time. They can hold it over until the next issue of Galaxy, either with the same theme or a different one. (Sorry, no refunds.)

If it is the postponed contest has the same theme, those who did enter have the option of re-entering that poem, or using it elsewhere. Sponsor/Judge will not see entries if contest is postponed.