Front: Dena, Russell, ?, ?, Fay. Back: Kate, me, Dennis, Jim
Poets Roundtable of Arkansas

My good friend and great poet, Loretta










hmmm, could I be thinking about biting Loretta's throat?

View from Room 1134

cattle drive

Haiku table

Diane Glancy

Karla Morton

Edmund Spenser aka Steve Sanders

Urania Fung with Edmund Spenser

Scott Wiggerman

Lucille Wilson announced all the winners.

Nathan Brown

Water Gardens, Quiet Pool

At Water Gardens, explaining plans

Plans for Haiku Poetree

Reading our haiku


Linda, who chaired the convention

Carol & Marilyn,

Anne & Christine, listening to haiku

Lynn, emoting haiku

hanging our decorated haiku cards for picking

Haiku Poetree: at water gardens poet-tree blooms with haiku fluttering in breeze by Barbara Blanks

We hung them early; by 5 pm they had all been picked.

me, pretending to hang an already hung haiku

Marilyn, our intrepid leader, with Carol & Pat

Christine, walking back up

Gabbing in lobby

Naomi, still writing poetry, & Budd, our current PST president

Carmen Tafolla, 2015 TX Poet Laureate. Made her entrance in this character.

Carmen, as she's changing characters

Carmen, as little girl

Nancy Baass, former NFSPS president

Birma Castle & Marilyn Stacy


Jim Barton

Loretta Walker, one of our very best poets

Michaud, our excellent book store manager

Paul Ford. Paul & I were the Readers at one lunch--reading for not-present winning poets.

Sharon & Valerie. Sisters!

Cassy, Kari, Lisa, me, and Nathan

Reading one of my winning poems

In the hotel lobby. Mesh-like sculptures, not solid.

Irene, Beth, Sylvia, me, Alice. The photographer said make a face...I was the only one to do it.